The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

An accurate, up-to-the-minute portrait
of each and every student

IXL's Continuous Diagnostic tells you exactly what each student knows,
and precisely what to do next, so you can...

Help students learn more efficiently

IXL's Continuous Diagnostic gathers as much information as possible about students' knowledge in order to recommend the skills that will challenge them at just the right level and help them grow the most. By using IXL to direct students to what they are most ready for at any given point in time, you'll help them achieve more, faster.

Keep up with ever-progressing students

As students develop, IXL's Continuous Diagnostic ensures you won't miss a thing. With regular IXL skill practice and just a handful of diagnostic questions each week (questions that are actually fun!), you'll always have a vividly accurate profile of any student available the moment you need it.

Receive a personalised action plan for each learner

IXL's Continuous Diagnostic helps you stay one step ahead by outlining what students can work on to take their learning to the next level. IXL's personalised action plans for individuals and small groups build on IXL's rich content and allow you to get started immediately.

Engage and empower students

As they explore their knowledge using IXL's Continuous Diagnostic, students tap into an innate curiosity to learn more about themselves, inspiring them to take an active role in their learning. Equipped with personalised recommendations that help them understand what they can do to improve, students can discover and reach their own potential.

See the IXL Continuous Diagnostic in action!

Adaptive assessment

Our Continuous Diagnostic algorithm quickly pinpoints what students know and what they're ready to learn.

Actionable results

Up-to-the-minute insights tell you exactly what you can do now to help students.

Tailored recommendations

Students are presented with skills selected just for them as optimal next steps.

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