IXL supports you every step of the learning cycle

Guided instruction

IXL makes it easy to find engaging material for any teaching method.

Independent learning

IXL's adaptive practice reinforces teacher instruction through progressive difficulty and immediate feedback.

Actionable insights

IXL Analytics informs your instructional strategies and shows how you can impact student learning.

Find the resources for guided instruction

Whatever your curriculum, IXL supports your teaching with content that is relevant, rigorous and rich. Unparalleled in breadth and depth, unmatched in craftsmanship, unlimited in scope, our content has it all. Project questions on the board for whole class instruction, assign skills for independent practice or have students complete flipped lessons at home—IXL works with any classroom setup!

Cultivate independent learning through engaging content

We design IXL to cultivate students' natural curiosity and intrinsic desire to learn. Our captivating content keeps students invested by adapting to give them just the right level of rigour and complexity. IXL encourages students to take ownership of their learning through timely feedback and opportunities for self-directed remediation. Whimsical awards help students celebrate milestones and motivate them to meet the next challenge.

Impact student learning with actionable insights

With IXL Analytics, classroom data is much more than numbers; you'll be prepared with specific insights that let you directly assist your students. Real-time data alerts you when students need help so you can step in the moment it's needed. From students' strengths and weaknesses to their progress on the national curriculum, IXL Analytics helps you refine your instructional strategies to have the greatest impact.

Intro to IXL Analytics

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Inform your instruction to drive student achievement

IXL helps you effectively address gaps in student knowledge. Using insights from IXL Analytics, break students into small groups for targeted reteaching or work through a sticking point in a personalized 1:1 session. IXL seamlessly complements your instruction strategies, helping you get students back on the right track.
I love that IXL allows me to differentiate without spending hours creating differentiated sheets. I also really like that I am able to see what students are doing in "real-time" as it's super useful when they are doing IXL in class.
Jane Gordiyenko, teacher
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Accurately measure student success

IXL's proprietary algorithm, SmartScore, differentiates learning and gives you an accurate measurement of how well students understand a skill. It's not just about getting questions right and scoring a certain percentage; it's an ongoing assessment that quantifies fluency and rewards perseverance.

The perfect fit for your classroom

Easy to use and flexible enough for every classroom setting, schools around the world are using IXL's platform to provide personalised support. Schools have successfully implemented IXL for intervention, enrichment, standards preparation and more!


IXL's scaffolded skills target students' specific areas of need, and IXL Analytics helps RTI teachers analyse trouble spots and progress.
RTI Made Easy with IXL
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Since IXL allows students to practise in all year levels, accelerated students can always jump ahead to find skills that match their ability.
Moving Beyond the Standard Curriculum
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Assessment prep

IXL offers a list of recommended practice skills for each strand, so it's easy for teachers to find the best skills for their students.
Bringing Excitement to the Common Core
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Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your school.

Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your district.