Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland foundation stage English curriculum

Alignments coming soon

IXL's English skills will be aligned to the Minimum Content soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of foundation stage objectives below. Be sure to check out IXL's English skills.

W Writing

  • W.1 distinguish between drawing and writing;

  • W.2 talk about the ideas represented in their drawings.

  • W.3 understand that writing is a means of communication and can be used for different purposes;

  • W.4 share their writing with others;

  • W.5 see themselves and the teacher as 'writers';

  • W.6 observe the teacher modelling specific writing strategies;

  • W.7 use ICT to present and communicate their ideas.

  • W.Pro Progression

    • W.Pro.1 write without prompting and make decisions about how and what they will write;

    • W.Pro.2 use rhymes, poems and patterned stories as models for structuring their own writing;

    • W.Pro.3 write in a range of genres with teacher guidance;

    • W.Pro.4 begin to problem-solve how to write using sound-symbol correspondence as the first strategy;

    • W.Pro.5 begin to show evidence of sequence in recount and instructions;

    • W.Pro.6 use a wide range of vocabulary in their writing;

    • W.Pro.7 begin to demarcate sentences;

    • W.Pro.8 begin to use capital letters for the pronoun 'I', for names and at the start of a sentence;

    • W.Pro.9 show increased control over formation of lower and upper-case letters, size and spacing.