Northern Ireland

Skills available for Northern Ireland key stage 5 maths curriculum

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KS5.6 Algebra and functions

KS5.7 Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane

  • KS5.7.3 Parametric equations of curves and conversion between Cartesian and parametric forms

KS5.8 Sequences and series

KS5.9 Trigonometry

KS5.10 Exponentials and logarithms

KS5.11 Differentiation

KS5.12 Integration

  • KS5.12.2 Integration of e to the x power, 1/x, sinx, cosx

  • KS5.12.4 Evaluation of volume of revolution

  • KS5.12.5 Simple cases of integration by substitution and integration by parts; these methods as the reverse processes of the chain and product rules respectively

  • KS5.12.6 Simple cases of integration using partial fractions

  • KS5.12.7 Analytical solution of simple first order differential equations with separable variables

KS5.13 Numerical methods

  • KS5.13.1 Location of roots of f(x) = 0 by considering changes of sign of f(x) in an interval of x in which f(x) is continuous

  • KS5.13.2 Approximate solution of equations using simple iterative methods, including recurrence relations of the form x(n+1) = f(xn)

  • KS5.13.3 Numerical integration of functions

KS5.14 Vectors